About PortfolioMason®

Tools for Building Better Portfolios

What is PortfolioMason®?

PortfolioMason is a digital web-based subscription service providing a comprehensive suite of investment tools for building and managing winning ETF portfolios. The underlying advanced mathematics and superior real-time analytics provides a shorter path to investment success.

PortfolioMason’s digital solution helps you maximize risk-adjusted returns and reduce downside risk, using the best of risk analytics, sample statistics, fundamental research, technical analysis, and asset allocation.




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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve your performance so your investors can afford a better lifestyle and retire with financial dignity. This is accomplished by delivering powerful cost-effective tools, creating the ability to reduce losses and enhance returns.

Our goal is to provide you access to highly advanced risk models and asset allocation solutions, previously only accessible to the most powerful hedge funds.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to present comparative analysis which is unbiased, agnostic, and transparent.

We provide the analytic tools, data, and investment selection process; you create the investment strategy and choose the asset allocation methodology that best serves your needs.

Our Team

Our team includes experts from investment consulting, portfolio management, risk analytics, hedge funds and FinTech.

We came together to arm investment professionals with superior, easy to use tools for portfolio construction.

Our Goal

Our common goal is to combine the best and newest advancements in computational finance and mathematics to improve your investment results; offered through a simple web application.

The company is based in Seattle, Washington.