The Complete ETF
Investment Platform

PortfolioMason® provides a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use tools to build and manage winning investment portfolios.


The Complete ETF Investment Platform

Research, Investment Strategy, Asset Allocation & Risk Management

PortfolioMasonŽ provides a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use tools to build and manage winning investment portfolios. Our unique investment selection process combines research, strategy building, asset allocation, and risk management into a single web-based platform.

Gain access to the best of risk analytics, sample statistics, fundamental research, technical analysis, and portfolio optimization. Use our digital modules to build custom strategies, or to optimize portfolios for better risk-adjusted returns.

Our intuitive step-by-step modules simplify the portfolio construction process, affording a shorter and easier path to investment success.

Portfolio Construction Made Easy

Better Returns, Less Risk


PortfolioMasonŽ delivers a fresh, intelligent approach to portfolio construction. Follow our streamlined modules to quickly and efficiently build better portfolios. Each module offers advanced features, such as: fundamental visualization, advanced statistical analysis, and our proprietary asset allocation methodology - Dynamic Portfolio OptimizationTM "DPO".

Our DPO engine is designed to dynamically, and more accurately, manage risk and correlations. Only PortfolioMason offers you DPO in addition to offering a suite of recognized optimization methodologies, including: Modern Portfolio Theory, Arbitrage Pricing Theory, and the Fama-French Factor Model.

Our internal research will help you select the asset allocation model which best meets your goals and objectives.


Built by Financial Professionals for

Investment Professionals

PortfolioMason® empowers investment advisors and other financial professionals with powerful solutions to produce optimal results.

Learn to develop winning investment strategies, reduce downside exposure, monitor real-time risk, and boost client confidence in severely volatile market conditions.

Gain a competitive advantage and retain customers long-term with PortfolioMason®.

Astute Investors

PortfolioMason® provides experienced do-it-yourself investors with intelligent easy-to-use tools and information to be successful.

Learn to research and analyze securities, build flexible strategies, apply proven asset allocation models, and dynamically monitor investment risk.

Access the tools to build and manage your portfolio like a professional with PortfolioMason®.

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